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6 June 2019
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10 most expensive domain sales

Every domainer asks the question “how much money can be made from it?”

So we at SnobbyMonkey have collected the 10 domains sold at the most expensive price, according to the site dnpric.es.

Our goal is to show how many people are willing to pay to own a domain.


And now, to the list:



The domain cardratings.com sold for about $ 10,200,000 dollars in 2008 at a private sale!



Domain hotels.com was sold for about $ 11 million in 2001 in a private sale!



The domain irs.com was sold for about $ 12,500,000 in 2007 at a private sale!



Sex.com was sold for about $ 13 million in 2010 on the SEDO site.



Domain bonds.com is sold for about $ 15,000,000 in 2014 in a private sale!



Domain insure.com sold for about $ 16 million dollars in 2009.



The 360.com domain is sold for about $ 17 million by 2015.



The privatejet.com domain sold for about $ 30,180,000 in 2007.


The vacationrentals.com domain sold for about $ 35 million in 2007 at a private sale!


The domain carinsurance.com sold for about $ 49,700,000 dollars in 2010 at a private sale!


We hope you have been inspired by this post and understand that there is a very large market for domains in Israel and abroad, and you can see that there are huge sales of domains in the last 10 years, so anyone who thinks there is no market – think again!

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And as always, we’re always here to help you buy a domain for your business or domain investment – contact us.

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