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11 June 2019
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5 characteristics that will make your domain successful

We, at SnobbyMonkey do not compromise on the quality of the domains we offer to customers and make sure that each domain has the following five characteristics:

1. Short Domain (less than 14 characters)

A good domain is a short, catchy and simple domain. Usually, domains up to 14 characters are considered easy to remember and more valuable.

As a business owner, do not want your domain to be too long and cumbersome. Why? Because the domain is the gateway to your site. And if people do not remember your domain, it will be harder for them to “go through the gate” and sign in to your site.

Good examples of sites with a short domain are StoryBox.co.il, MaNish.co.il, VeGo.co.il, LoLo.co.il, Patron.co.il and the list goes on.

What do all these domains have in common? Short, catchy and simple.


2. No dash “-“

A common mistake that a lot of people make is to look for the domain they want, find out it is taken, and buy the version with the “-” instead.Why is this a mistake? Because instead of saying to people, “I own the site,” you’ll have to say, “I own the site” Storybox “, with a dash between the word “story” and the word “box”.

Much more cumbersome, not to mention the number of people you want to reach your site and you will accidentally get to a competing site.


3. Passes the “radio test”

What is the radio test? Good question.

Imagine you publish your site on the radio. Those who hear the advertisement can’t see your domain address.

If you say your domain on the radio and the listeners get to your site, you’ve passed the radio test.

If people do not know where to go after they hear your domain on the radio, your domain is probably confusing and not clear enough.

For example, if our domain is “LSCars.com” and publish it on the radio it will sound like this: “Eels Cars”, and probably most people will reach the domain ElesCars.co.il.

But if we take another domain such as BestCars.co.il it will be really easy for people to get to this address because there is no room for confusion and these are two very common words in English.

A good way to know if your domain passes the radio test is to send one of your friends a voice message where you read the domain and ask him to send you back a text message with what he heard. If you get back the exact address of your domain without misspellings, your domain has passed the radio test.


4. Easy to spell

Try using a domain that’s easy to spell. If you use English words, go for easy words that are easy to spell and easy to pronounce.If you need to spell your domain for people, you’ll know there’s room for improvement and their ability to go for a better domain.


5. Suitable extension

Go for short tlds.

.com .net .org .io .co are the most common extensions.If you want people to remember your domain name, it is recommended to choose a tld from the list above.

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